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Our Guide To Who Has Those $82K Courtside Seats To Game 7

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The hottest ticket in town tonight, and likely ever, is a coveted Staples Center floor seat to Game 7.  No really, they're actually going for upwards of $82,000 a pop. So just who are these golden ticket-holders whose kids' college tuition would be taken care of just by selling their seats on the wood to tonight's game? Well folks, We've been studying the baselines of the Lakers home games and scoured our sources to identify who owns those cushy floor seats we all want…

Staples Center seating chart

Starting from the Lakers' bench and moving right, Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm and a fat cat agent over at WME, holds 4 seats. It's been rumored that Entourage's Ari Gold character is based him, in which case he's a huge asshole. And just like Gold did with Vince, Emanuel's seats are mostly business investments, persuasive tools to woo clients and throw a little publicity on current ones.  Next, Norm Pattiz, founder Westwood One holds two seats and says they're “the difference between being at the game and being in the game.”


Along the same side to the right of the scorer's table in section 102, legendary music producer and former owner of the Roxy, Lou Adler, holds 2 seats.  You'll find him at nearly every home game with Jack Nicholson, whose got the two seats next to him.  They both usually bring one of their many children and sit back with their shades on, but unlike his buddy, Lou seems pretty chilled out at the games.  Jack, on the the other hand, we've all seen get riled up like a raving coke-crazed geezer, some of out most favorite game moments.


Two seats to the right of Jack is that Yoko Ono doppelganger who can always be seen sporting the purple and gold of her home team.  Much digging has proved fruitless in trying to identify this character and her lady partner.  What we've found is, her first name might be Yori, and that shes been seen leaving the games in a blacked out Maybach. Yeah, so Yori's Kind of gangster…

Moving along the opposite side to section 109 you'll find four seats held by Interscope co-chairman, Jimmy Iovine. You can often see big stars the music mogul's worked with, such as Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams soaking up a little courtside action.

Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre

To the right of Iovine's domain along section 110 are the Lakers' four publicity seats they give to celebs and VIPs.  This is where you've seen Tom Cruise, Leo, Zacquisha, Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine bro-ing it up courtside and giving the baseline photographers their money shot.

The four seats to the right of those in section 111 are Jeffrey Katzenberg's. The Dreamworks CEO's seats are often occupied by some of Hollywood's top talent and executives. Oh, and also Joel Silverhis son, David.

That's actually not Jabba the Hutt to the right of Katzenberg's holdings, but rather mega-producer Joel Silver. He's planted on the wood like Humpty Dumpty at home games mid-courtish next to Navin Narang who has four seats in front of section 112.

Narang obviously has a sizable back account but we're not sure how since the only film he's credited as producing is The Tripper. Yeah, we'db never heard of it either.  But he must be well connected since Davids Arquette and Beckham have both been his guests on the floor.

David Beckham, Navin Narang

And finally we come around to section 112/113 where L.A. Gear owner Steve Jackson has a whopping eight floor seats.

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