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Eavesdropping In: Man Finds Nic Cage’s Stolen $1 Mil Comic Book; Obama Spending Plan Speculation; Nicki Minaj To Open For Britney Spears Tour;…

  • After having multiple homes foreclosed on and having to star in Drive Angry, we think Nicolas Cage kind of deserves the rare $1 million comic book stolen from him in 2000 back from the man who just found it. [KTLA]
  • Read all about President Obama’s speculated budget proposal to reduce the nation’s deficit and Paul Ryan’s “Draconian” program cuts… [HuffPo]
  • Nicki Minaj steps in after Enrique Iglesias jumps ship as the opener for Britney Spears’ upcoming tour. [TMZ]
  • Dear America: your favorite guidos and guidettes will reportedly each earn at least $100,000 per episode for “Jersey Shore” Season 4. [PE]
  • Catastrophe continues as three powerful aftershocks of 7.1, 6.0, and 5.6 magnitudes strike Japan causing landslides, power outages, further radiation leakage, and few fatalities. [LATimes]

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"Best $10 You Could Spend" Join The Japan Relief Effort

[Editor's Note: Today we're taking a different approach to the daily "Besk $2k" post for a worthy cause.] Over the weekend, I, like a lot of people, watched the news from Japan with a heavy sadness. As citizens of the world, we of course feel compassion for anyone dealing with the tragic aftermath of natural disaster. As Southern California residents, the situation is a painful reminder that our uneasy peace with the San Andreas Fault is never a given, and that our preparation for such a disaster is, in all likelihood, woefully inadequate. And for me personally, I thought about the country, easily the craziest, most interesting place I’ve ever called home, and the people I worked, learned and lived with. So I figured today I’d give you my own little version of why I care about Japan, and why you might too. Read the full story

Eavesdropping In: Neurotoxin Found In Redondo Fish; Usher Sex Tape?; Japanese Disaster Aftermath; iPhones Botch Daylight Savings; "Battle: Los…

  • Biologists find a dangerous neurotoxin in samples of dead fish from Redondo Beach’s King Harbor that may be linked to the massive die-off [KTLA]
  • Is there an Usher sex tape made with ex-wife Tameka Foster being shopped around town? [TMZ]
  • Japan disaster aftermath: death toll expected to be in tens of thousands, two hydrogen explosions at nuclear plant release radiation as workers try to prevent another, half a million people displaced [LATimes]
  • iPhones on AT&T and Verizon’s networks botch daylight savings time change, either not changing at all or moving back one hour instead of ahead [KABC]
  • Battle: Los Angeles wins the weekend box office like a summer blockbuster while Red Riding Hood and others score underwhelming sales [HuffPo]

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