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Write-Offs: 04.29.11

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$$$ Bernanke: Economy Needs More Time To Heal [Reuters]

$$$ Treasury Plans to Exempt FX From New Derivatives Rules [WSJ]

$$$The tattoo artist who did Mike Tyson’s face claims Warner Bros. “pirated” his work to advertise its movie, “The Hangover 2.” S. Victor Whitmill wants a federal judge to bar Warner Bros. from using the tattoo in its promotions, and damages for copyright infringement. [CN]

$$$ Fed’s Maiden Lane Holding Bear Stearns-Tied Assets Shrinks [Bloomberg]

$$$ God’s Gift Achiuwa chooses St. John’s [ESPN]

$$$ The Art Market Snaps Back [WSJ]

$$$ Grasso Welcomed Back to NYSE With Open Arms [FBN]

$$$ If you’re feeling charitable this weekend, you should strongly consider donating to PurpleStride2011, which benefits pancreatic cancer research. [PanCan]

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