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The Music Festival In Montauk You Won’t Want To Miss This Summer!

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via hamptons.guestofaguest: The Music To Know festival, coming to East Hampton in mid-August, has announced their line-up! Some 9,600 concert goers will have the pleasure of hearing Cold War Kids, Matt and Kim, M. Ward, Chromeo, Vampire Weekend and more. We’ve got details… MORE>>>

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Write-Offs: 04.29.11

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$$$ Bernanke: Economy Needs More Time To Heal [Reuters]

$$$ Treasury Plans to Exempt FX From New Derivatives Rules [WSJ]

$$$The tattoo artist who did Mike Tyson’s face claims Warner Bros. “pirated” his work to advertise its movie, “The Hangover 2.” S. Victor Whitmill wants a federal judge to bar Warner Bros. from using the tattoo in its promotions, and damages for copyright infringement. [CN]

$$$ Fed’s Maiden Lane Holding Bear Stearns-Tied Assets Shrinks [Bloomberg]

$$$ God’s Gift Achiuwa chooses St. John’s [ESPN]

$$$ The Art Market Snaps Back [WSJ]

$$$ Grasso Welcomed Back to NYSE With Open Arms [FBN]

$$$ If you’re feeling charitable this weekend, you should strongly consider donating to PurpleStride2011, which benefits pancreatic cancer research. [PanCan]

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Coachella Fashion Trends: The Mank Is Everywhere

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Go HERE, HERE, and HERE for more photos from Coachella weekend and tag yourself and your friends!

Ah, Coachella. The things you make us relatively sane individuals do. Especially when it comes to desert fashion. In case you have never seen a single photograph from the weekend festival, Coachella compels males to don a certain article of clothing they otherwise (and by the grace of God) wouldn’t dare wear in public.  We’re talking about manks, male/man tank tops. For some reason manks are not only a completely socially acceptable garment for the duration of the weekend but also the preferred choice. Read the full story

Your Coachella 2011 Fashion Survival Guide

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Whether you’re a Coachella veteran or first-timer, we’ve made the “what to bring” dilemma easier with this Fashion Survival Guide filled with style survival tips tailored to the Coachella experience so you make the most of your weekend and look great doing it. More»

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Black Banditz Grand Opening Bash For VH1 Save The Music Foundation

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Go HERE for more photos by Nik Williamson and tag yourself and your friends!

We love a good opportunity (excuse) to have a few drinks on what would be an average Tuesday night so we were more than happy to partake in our Black Banditz friends’ fiesta. The Banditz teamed up with the Vh1 Save The Music Foundation to celebrate the grand opening (it’s official now) of their tattoo shop/hair salon. Read the full story

BREAKING: GofG L.A. Has An Extra VIP Coachella Ticket!

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ATTENTION LAST MINUTE CHARLIES: A stray VIP Coachella ticket has just landed in our lap and is looking for a new owner. Help us find it a home where it will be loved and utilized to the fullest this weekend. If you or someone you know is still in need of this highly coveted VIP ticket to a weekend of music, debauchery and fake hippies everywhere, GET AT US, STAT! Keep reading to find out how to become the proud owner of this VIP Coachella ticket. Read the full story

Apple: BTIG Raises Target To $450 On iPad Growth

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BTIG Research analyst Walter Piecyk today raised his price target on shares of Apple (AAPL) to $450 from $375, concluding that the iPad will probably generate $24 billion in revenue this calendar year, which is $4 billion more than he’d originally expected, and which, as he puts it, “would represent more than 20% of revenue for a product that is less than two years old.”

Piecyk writes that the introduction of the iPhone 4 at Verizon Communications (VZ) in February had “tempered” his expectations. “the CDMA iPhone 4 initially generated a disappointing response which not only surprised us but apparently also surprised Apple.”

But, “The iPad 2 appears to be putting our doubts to rest,” he goes on, citing the big lines at Apple stores and the stock-outs for the iPad over the weekend.

Piecyk is modeling 40 million iPads will be sold this year, up from a 33 million prior estimate. He notes his Apple revenue estimate for this fiscal year ending in September has gone to $102 billion, up from $86 billion he estimated 5 months ago.

Apple shares today are down $3.53, or 1%, at $341.91.

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SXWS Parties Day 1: Ignite Social Media

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via guestofaguest.com: SXSW is officially in full swing, kicking off its jam-packed 10-day run with friends of social media. See how Twitter-savvy guests lit up the Austin festival at the Ignite Social Media party over the weekend. MORE>>

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Eavesdropping In: Neurotoxin Found In Redondo Fish; Usher Sex Tape?; Japanese Disaster Aftermath; iPhones Botch Daylight Savings; "Battle: Los…

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  • Biologists find a dangerous neurotoxin in samples of dead fish from Redondo Beach’s King Harbor that may be linked to the massive die-off [KTLA]
  • Is there an Usher sex tape made with ex-wife Tameka Foster being shopped around town? [TMZ]
  • Japan disaster aftermath: death toll expected to be in tens of thousands, two hydrogen explosions at nuclear plant release radiation as workers try to prevent another, half a million people displaced [LATimes]
  • iPhones on AT&T and Verizon’s networks botch daylight savings time change, either not changing at all or moving back one hour instead of ahead [KABC]
  • Battle: Los Angeles wins the weekend box office like a summer blockbuster while Red Riding Hood and others score underwhelming sales [HuffPo]

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Twenty Five Guys Who Will “Destroy Your Career On Wall Street”

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According to John Carney, they’re to be avoided and included:

* “The guy who always wants you to be his alibi when he cheats on his wife. (“Hey man, is it cool if I tell Kathy that we’re going fly fishing in Canada this weekend?”). No, dude: It’s not cool.”

* “The guy who offers his clients ‘a very special opportunity’ to invest in anything. He has a problem with cocaine.”

* “The guy who throws his phone across the trading floor whenever his positions go south. He’s an angry dude, and the more time you spend with him the more reasons he’ll find to dislike you.

* “Avoid anyone who tells you that you should relax and have a couple of drinks—at 9:15 on a Tuesday morning. You’re not cool enough to hang out with this guy.”

Agree/disagree? In your experience, have you found the guy who throws stuff at people to be someone you actually want to hitch your wagon to?

25 Guys To Avoid [NetNet]

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